This cooking thing is quite enjoyable (Mar 11, 2021)

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The wandering wonder man.

So, Lee wandered to the seawall to see (sea?) if there were any herring fishing going on. Nope. Not a single boat, except one sailboat. So he wandered back and stopped at a large tree where a bird was singing. He wondered what it was, but was not able to identify it. So he wandered back to the Schooner, wondering what Lez was up to.

He made Arriabbata sauce and penne for supper. He quite enjoys cooking and this was another good one. It cried out for ice cream for dessert so Lee whipped up to Quality Foods to pick some up. It was after 9 PM and he almost tripped over the rolled-up sidewalks on the way into the store, The ice cream was great as a dessert.

Lez is busy at the sewing table: Well, a little bolt is needed for my bike, so other projects beckon. Coffee at the picnic table first order of business. GRIN. My day was spent at the sewing table putting the new pattern and revised instructions to the mass production test. Section pieces were cut, some re-cut (sigh). It was a very focused day, and by the end of it, 14 more maple leaves were in need of their stems.

The happy wanderer wondered where the fishing boats went. They can't be done the harvest already! One dejected little boy at heart. At least there were only a few photos to prep for the blog.

A WONDERful dinner was prepared by The Man, and we dined and enjoyed his dash-out for desssert too! I am getting used to this new Chef on the loose! I really like my spot on the Caboose!