Dear! Deer! (Mar 9, 2021)

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Mad house on the high seas.

Lee finished the new top pantry space today, by installing the shelf and the door (previously just a mirror feature). We had deer around behind our Schooner for most of the day. When Hobbes was out, they had a quiet showdown and then each went their own way.

Later on, Lee went for a walk and managed to catch pictures of the first day of herring season. The Salish Sea was covered with fishing boats.

As we were walking out for a last look at the ocean around 10 pm, Lee saw his first ever shooting star.

Lez is stitchin: (But not bitchin!) Thinking about yesterday's video chat with the quilters who used to get together in Edmonton on Tuesdays for our weekly stitching day. Life moves on, and in this case, not because of Covid. Two of the four of us are no longer in Edmonton. We had a great "visit" - even if no stitching was being done.

Today, I spent my time at the sewing machine, making large centre point pieces of a Maple Leaf - 15 of them for the QOV quilt. Now, after a scrumptuous eastern dish of Dan Dan Noodles that Lee made from scratch, and having edited today's photos, I am heading back to the sewing table to complete those blocks. Feels good to "play" with fabric instead of mending.