Hole in the wall (Mar 8, 2021)

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Cutting holes in the wall.

We had decided to convert an unused/unusable space in our pantry to an additional storage area. So today was the day Lee cut a hole in the wall between the hallway and the pantry. Then it was time for supplies, so off to Albertsons. Small town hardware store/lumber yard with about ten employees waiting to help you. Everytime Lee goes there it feels like he's being filmed for some small-town reality program. The main thing is, they had everything he needed. Then it was back to use his favourite product, PL Premium (glues anything to anything). Clamped up and waiting for tomorrow.

Later on, Lee made some Italian Focaccia bread. Yummy!

Lez burps: OHHHHHhhhh So good! This man knows how to make bread! What a gem!!

I've been working on some quilt block patterns and finally got the Maple Leaf the way I want for a Quilt of Valour I am working on. Our printer is busy again printing the pattern pages for the precision technique called foundation paper piecing. Keeps me out of the bar. LOL

We walked out to the Surfside spit twice today - got some great sunset shots, and more Heron photos out there to go along with the ones earlier in the day in the estuary. A super calm afternoon for photos, and tonight it was so quiet with a very low tide, Parkville lights reflected in the bay, and our long "ogre" shadows spilled across the spit into the waters beyond. Now to figure out how to get a night shot of those shadows! Tri-pod going with us tomorrow night. (weather permitting of course).