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Stuff just falls out of Chuck.

We headed out for breakfast today, figuring that would be the one meal before family dinner at Lez's mothers place. After that we picked up a new tank of propane (the old one had passed its 10 year usage date) and we finished off by getting some groceries. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find minced ginger. As we were ready to load the groceries into Chuck, Lee opened the back door and the freshly bought, full propane tank fell out onto the pavement. You know how they have those solid metal handles around the propane connection? They really do protect that part of the tank; our new tank handles are already bent, but the connection is fine. We got home and Lee opened the same door to get the groceries; a bag of which promptly fell onto the ground. Wow! Things come in threes, so we need to beware for the rest of the day.

Lez chuckles: reading Lee's blog, and seeing that the garbage needs to be taken out, and am imaging the thing will tip over when he opens the RV door BIG GRIN. What a great family dinner shared with the kids in Edm via video conferencing. We had an Otter in the estuary today!!! Otherwise a focused day, and no sewing done. BUT WAIT! It's only 10 pm!! Day's not over! BIG WINK!