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Mac and cheese Saturday.

We stuck close to home today. Lez did laundry and Lee finally found a nasty bug in some software he had been developing for a friend. We finished off with a home-made mac and cheese (and bison).

Lez smiles: Yes, laundry is needed to be done from time to time, and the laundry room has the best wifi around - so I take the laptop along. Today I joined the Zoom session with the Edmonton quilters on a virtual sew day. A super day of friends working from their own homes and chatting up a storm. Such a good feeling to belong. A walk along the sea wall in the dark after dinner. The lights from the larger clubhouse cast our shadows out into the bay for Ogres in the dark! I need to take the camera tomorrow night and see if we can capture the night photo! If you've just started reading the blog - head to date Feb 19, 2021 for the Ogres, picture 20.