Rain showers and RV showers (Mar 5, 2021)

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Lee turns on an impromptu outside shower.

We had some strong winds overnight and it pulled away one corner of one of our slide covers. Lee went up to pull it back into place but neglected to note the cover was holding a fair volume of rain water. Just like in a bad Three Stooges movie, he pulled the cover back into place, stretching the fabric and sending the rain water over the edge right into his chest as he stood on the ladder. He got soaked right down to his shoes. The neighbours loved the performance as they watched him through their window.

Lez grins: I am poking my head out the front door to view the world and I hear running, dripping water and it sounds real close! I look back inside just in time to see the hands on the ladder and gushing water outside the window - closed thankfully! Best ignore LOLOLOL! The living room looking like a laundry line for the rest of the day. I'm busy playing with software and designing and testing some new quilt patterns - yes for QOVC, but some for me too!!