Lez is moving on (Mar 4, 2021)

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Wait a moment, the weather will change.

Lee was emailing back and forth with a colleague and he could not resist mentioning the nice weather and sunshine. A few minutes later it was raining. Grrr! A great day to stay inside. Our neighbour was working in the rain (and strong winds) which made Lee feel cold just watching him from inside a cozy Schooner.

We had a nice video meeting with Lee's sister Karin and her husband Marlin in Hawaii. Their pool is just about ready to use. Pool! Wow! They are doing fine.

We then had a telephone call with our good friends Aubrey and Deb (it was Deb's birthday). As we were talking they viewed our website and of course, Aubrey found a broken link. It figures. He was finding my software bugs back in the late 70's when he and I contracted at the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. "Buns" to you, Aubrey.

Lez steps away: As most who know me, know my world of volunteering. From the neighbourhood to the whole country, I have been on a board of a volunteer organization since the late 1970's,when I held the position of President for the local Regina chapter of the Canadian Information Processing Society. Life changes moved us to Edmonton, so that position had held for only 2 meetings. But settling in a new neighbourhood (La Perle), I soon became involved in one organization or another. From crime prevention, to community playschool, to a "safer cities" chaired by the mayor to founding Quilts of Valour - Canada, I have been out the door or on the phone or recently on Zoom for various committee meetings. Well, today, I tendered my resignation from Quilts of Valour and now have no meetings scheduled. Gosh - I may just quilt and spend time designing quilts!