Dinner and a movie (Mar 3, 2021)

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Do you have any Gruner Veltliner.

Lee headed out to get a bunch of groceries, including a refresh of the wine cellar. Evidently, we like our wine, judging by the lack of bottles in our cellar. He went back to Save-On Foods in Parksville, that has a dedicated in-store BC-only wine section and a very knowledgable wine expert. It's still a little strange to be in a Canadian grocery store and see the wine bottles passing over the scanner along with the bread and milk. One of the wines we wanted is made from Gruner Veltliner grapes grown mostly in Austria. I thought I would check so I asked if anyone in BC makes wine from that grape, expecting to hear that it only comes from Austria. His reply - we carry three! OK! So, I picked up a couple of those also.

We had dinner and a movie at mom's place, now that Ralph has left and she is once again on her own. We had a great time, including a lot of old family and friend stories from long ago. We got home after midnight (and Hobbes let us know how late we were).

Lez types the day away: Finishing off a report for Quilts of Valour - for the National Sew Day we held in February 5th. Compiling the stats of the survey, and putting all the good things to remember to do, and note the things to avoid next time. Not that I will forget, but I have no intention of organizing another, so am making notes for the next crew. Dinner and a movie was a welcome head clearing evening and, sorry Mom! we didn't mean to pick such a late movie!! The Irishman - what an excellent movie! Late to bed, early up to finish off a document for a meeting tomorrow.