Hanging around the Schooner (Mar 2, 2021)

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Soccer balls go into hiding.

A nice, lazy brunch and we were off, to nowhere. We replaced the cardboard boxes under the slide covers with the soccer balls Lez had made. And that was about it.

As Lee was cleaning up outside he spotted a couple who had stopped on the Parksville Boardwalk and were staring in his direction at the RVs in Surfside. It made him wonder if they were thinking like we had done a couple of years earlier when we visited Parksville - "I wonder what it would be like to live in an RV and be parked in that RV park over there".

Lez notes: Another quiet day on the estuary - kinda cold, so pretty much hunkered down. Catching up on some recording of events for putting the Quilts of Valour Sew Day to rest; poking on the 'net'. An early sunrise photo op - call needed to use the bathroom, and oh! what a view out the bedroom window! Took the picture out the living room window and went back to bed. LOL Breakfast of pancakes and bacon was actually lunch. Does it matter?