Hiking at Rathtrevor Provincial Park (Mar 1, 2021)

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Dualing chainsaws.

We spent some time in Rathtrevor Park, walking the paths along the shoreline. We managed to film a couple of new birds. There were strong winds over the last few days and the park crew was out cutting down and chipping branches. It reminded us of our woodcutting days when two saws would be working hard.

This park is overrun with cottontail rabbits. They have no natural enemies so they breed like crazy. Cute, but too many. No Brandt Geese, herring or sea lions to be found yet.

Lez closes here eyes and remembers the woodcutting days: The fall of 2018 was our last year of woodcutting - at the time it was something not even considered would be the case. And I don't recall even going! So many changes! But the sound of the chain saws, idling and cutting. Good memories, even the remembered smell of the chainsaw oil.

The Rathrevor walk was a very calm, and refreshing day. Lots of photos to choose from for the blog!!