Heron on the watch (Feb 28, 2021)

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Not a Brandt goose in sight.

We were off at the crack of dawn to Qualicum Beach. We had heard the herring and Brandt geese were there. Nope. Oyster Catchers (the birds with the red beaks) were all we could find. We were back home before the time we usually get up.

Windy, windy, windy fof the rest of the day. Stayed warm and comfy inside.

Lez yawns: Apparently there ARE two 8 o'clocks in a day! For some reason, I woke up and was truly awake. Could it have been the hundred plus gulls on the estuary and the noisy sea lion we could hear - out there on the Surfside spit? Had to go check it out, waking up The Man as he is not used to hearing me poke around that early. LOL. Off to the seawall we went, got some great pics, and then trucked out to Qualicum Beach, no Brandt Geese in sight. We understand from locals, the geese no longer gather there. Perhaps Little Qualicum or Rathtrevor. Hmmm may have to be up "early" again tomorrow.