Now that's a Nor'wester (Feb 26, 2021)

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Thar she blows, matey.

We woke up to really strong winds from the north, tempered in our site by the RVs across the street ands the berm behind them. We walked to the Boardwalk and saw an incredible display of waves, birds and a wind surfer. All of this in full sunshine.

Lez muses: My baby brother has turned 60. Happy birthday Bro!!! We waited until he was done his two week quarantine (post Mexico winter) to have dinner together with mom at Kalvas's restaurant - one of Parksville's finest. As always, stories abound. Otherwise spent the day photo-ing the waves and editing them too!

I also decided to start an RVers Recipe Book. More than a few times now, we have either not bothered to make, and got started to make and found out we were missing a particular ingredient. So substitutions and variations of old favourites are coming forth.