We had a riot, but it was quiet (Feb 25, 2021)

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The soccer game is over.

Lez finished the soccer ball slide cover spacers. We'll install them in the next day or so. In the afternoon, one of our neighbours had their new park model delivered. Wow, what a size. It really looks like a tiny home on wheels, including the colours of the outside walls. Lez thinks it looks like an ATCO trailer. We'll get a tour once they are settled. The unit was custom built in Calgary.

We finished off with a great cheese fondue washed down with a nine year old Tannat from Moon Curser. Very nice. Conversation turned to a great song we heard on the radio, Cum Feel the Noize, by Quiet Riot. Lee swears we saw them in concert. Lez looked them up and learned the Quiet Riot version we hear on the radio is a cover of the song written by Slade. Quiet Riot hated it and did not want to record it, but they did, in one take. It went to #5 in the States. Then she searched our concert list. Yup. 2019 in Saskatoon. Don't argue with the music master.

Lez stretches and massages the hand cramps. Yes, the soccer balls - a mathematical ingenious pattern of hexagons and pentagons - are done. And leftovers over various non-quilt fabrics have been put to good utility use.

The last two days of photos have been downloaded from the cameras and Lee has them ready for any touchup needed.

Back to sewing! I had purchased two packages of 4mm (9/64") Cotton Awning Cord to try making the cotton cord bowls, and decided to see if I could make a replacement for the mixing bowl we currently use on the countertop for holding our fresh fruit. It is tedious, but suits the kitchen nicely. (And the mixing bowl can go back to its original usage). The corner is a crafty one - with the bread board from Rotterdam (from the Lammens).