Hexagons and pentagons all over the place (Feb 24, 2021)

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The mysteries of internet service.

Lee thought this would be a good day to do our taxes. After running back and forth to the laundry room (where there is good internet access), he got them done. That's enough thinking for him for today.

We went for a short, cold wind walk to get some exercise. It was very quiet out there. We keep watching the Canada Geese as they poke around looking for suitable nesting sites (we think). There have been a pair of them right behind the Schooner a few times. Lez is fine with that as long as they don't nest on the roof of the Schooner.

Our supper of leftover salmon, macaroni with tamboulli salad and a bin end wine was enjoyed so much we decided to start a Schooner Menu. Not only can we share with friends but it will also help us understand what we need the next time we decide to make it.

Lez notes: We also dashed up the hill to the print shop to print off our registration forms for working for our riding in the next federal election. There is no indication when or if that may happen this year, but if the writ is dropped we will be ready to sail the schooner to an Edmonton docking spot.

On a more keeping busy front, I have cut hexagons and pentagons for five more soccer ball lift supports for the slide outs. Ellie the Elna sewing machine will be busy for the rest of the day.