Retired folks on a Monday (Feb 22, 2021)

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Lazy us, working hard.

This was a lazy day. Late to rise and a lazy breakfast. We did get busy though. Lez defrosted the fridge and Lee installed slide soccer balls, got groceries and re-arranged the back of the truck.

Phew! That's enough. We had a great salmon dinner and settled in without using the internet too much (our data usage is high this month and we have six days to go).

Lez laughs: Lazy but easy home made bacon and egger muffins. A good start to the chore of defrosting. Fortunately it's a small fridge. The freezer works well, but the cooling unit frosts up thickly & takes time and some "assistance" to remove the frosted build up. And of course, that morphs to a floor to wash, and the vacuum coming out to see daylight.