A shopping we will go (Feb 20, 2021)

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What is that flashlight in my face?

Lez was up early (for her) so she could be ready to go to Nanaimo with her mother. Lez does not normally see the sun that low in the sky except at sunset. LOL. She had a great time. Lee stayed home and pounded in a lot of text into the web site repository for topics that we are building, such as our trips to Europe, our family and what we like to do. The keyboard was smokin' all day long.

We also got the call from Surfside RV that we have the same spot again starting in October 2021.

Lez grins: Yes up early and met mom at the RV resort entrance. Off to Nanaimo, a little poking around The Bay and other shops in the mall. We had lunch in Lantzville - a wee pub we have visited before. So many stories of the "old days" are shared when we get together, i really should be recording them to remember them!!!

It was a good day, ending with 2 soccer balls being sewn together.