Low tide excursion (Feb 19, 2021)

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Seashells galore at low tide.

The walk at low tide was the best it has ever been for Lee. He was able to wander out 100 meters or more in places. We took many photos of each other on the shoreline, and even a few without us in them.

Lez grins: We walked the ocean floor below the sea wall!! The tide was so low, that I could wander the boulder base of the sea wall, and Lee wandered the farthest spit of sand above the low tide waters. Waaay out there! So many photos, so little film LOL. Well that is the joy of the good new days.

I often wonder how my dad took so many beautiful, crisp, clear and capture the moment photos - with slide film. No ability to confirm he got the right pic, got it in focus, needed another. Weeks after returning to Regina from northern Saskatchewan Churchill River system, getting the slides processed, and then finally seeing what pictures he got. From the scans my sister has done from his slides, I'd say he was a true pro! Not even a sniff of a chance of enhancing, cropping, retouching.