Mom Worel all wined up     [Feb 18, 2021]

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Hey mom, there's a case of wine outside your door
Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC

During COVID, some people have dropped off groceries at their parent's home. We dropped off a case of wine at Lez's mom's apartment. Her doctor told her many years ago that a glass of red wine is good for her, so we're here to help!

We decided to have an early supper at Boston Pizza since we were out. It is still strange not to see a party of four at every table, but I suppose it will return in time.

Lez adds: A quick pop out day for a few errands and a few groceries. And a desire for early dinner, another two meal day. All close to home. The Schooner is truly our home. Comfortable, close to everything we need, and offers a camera load of photo opportunities every day. Some days, the camera needs the day off - like today, so we will borrow timeless photos from another day - there are so many we can choose from.

Lee had a virtual visit with Ted in Edmonton. It was good to connect and toss in a comment or two to their visit.