Lez playing in the mud (Feb 17, 2021)

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Lez puts her rubber boots to good use.

We woke to a bright sunshine sky. It was already +7c by breakfast, which did not go un-noticed by Hobbes. By end of day, he had been out four times. Brewster the dog from three sites over came by again. Hobbes just sat there as Brewster got up enough courage to sniff him. We went for a walk in the afternoon to catch the low tide, which is the lowest we have seen since we got here. We were able to walk out further than ever before and even venture across the estuary to Shelly Park. We only went as far as proving we could; we'll explore Shelly Park another day.

Lez sighs: More photos! Don't ya just love it when we take 120 photos over two days - and they need to be analyzed for keep/toss crop/highlight etc! I also am working on a wee document for making the slide-out covers - there has been interest as to how these were done - as well as where did you get them, is there a pattern? Today's low tide offered a rubber boots walk across the bay that was empty - something we had not seen yet. Yes, lots of pictures.