Spring is here (Feb 16, 2021)

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A compromised snowman.

It must be spring! +10c and sunshine. Hobbes spent a long time outside, wandering ever further along the shore. We think even the Canada Geese are getting used to him being here. The snowman nose, carrot, will not stay put. Our neighbour Ron mentioned that the deer had been through our backyard early in the morning but had ignored the carrot. They apparently do not eat anything except grasses. Speaking of which, at one point when Lee was standing out back, he could see three deer along the estuary, five further out, a couple near the entrance and two along the fence with the Parksville Boardwalk. Even the late night walk to dump a bag of garbage was nice; we were very alone along the Boardwalk.

Lez's mind goes blank!! But fortunately lots of photos of a lazy bunch enjoying the blue skies and warm 10 degree weather are proof we did a little walking along the sea wall, SUCH blue water today! Our snowman George is melting away, his carrot nose having fallen off in a most "compromising" location which led to some jokes. Hobbes is back to wandering the estuary close to home, and met his neighbour - the little white dog Brewster. One of those 'who cares' encounters. We keep a close eye out for eagles, as we hear stories (legends abound) about the animals that have been grabbed. We ended our day with our late night walkabout - and did find Pliaedies.