Soccer balls in February (Feb 15, 2021)

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Dog walkers weather report.

When we have breakfast, we determine the quality of the weather by looking over to the Boardwalk and the people walking their dogs. If the dog is pulling in front, it is nice out. If they are being pulled behind, it is crappy weather. If they are right next to their owners it is "ho hum, whatever" weather. They were being pulled this morning. Later on we had a family dinner video conference with the kids, who are doing OK even though they are still in a deep freeze. We finished off the evening by trying to find Pliaedies, the Seven Sisters in the sky. Too many clouds.

Lez will comment later after she recovers from doing laundry in the evening. Lez snorts: Thanks dear for reminding me of my heart-stopping & frantic after laundry search. Because we spent a frantic 15 minutes looking for the Oil Kings Covid face masks I washed, I totally forgot to sign in, and two days later cannot remember what we did! I must have spent the day sewing the test soccer ball together - with great success I might add!! So i guess just like a soccer ball, my day had its ups and downs! Oh, the masks were buried in the stack of facecloths.