Some serious snow scenes surrounding Schooner (Feb 13, 2021)

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Let's play in the snow.

Lee opened one eye this morning and saw the snow coming down and a considerable layer everywhere already. He turned over and pulled up the covers. Totally out of character, Lez jumped out of bed, got dressed and went out for a walk. She came back with a mittful of photos about the time Lee was making breakfast.

Lez says: Let's play with a soccer ball! EH? Have you seen today's photos? Well, there is a very good explanation! You see, we wish to find something suitable for the space between the vinyl slide out cover and the top of the slide out. The snow does cause a little sag and we would like to minimize that. We have seen beach balls being used, but, as you may have noticed from today's photos, the beach balls are not likely to appear in the stores for some time. But wait! I have a pattern! Of course I do, and low and behold, a soccerball size would quite likely suffice. SO, pattern is found, left over vinyl is retrieved from the "garage" and once more, cutting and sewing is underway.