Albertans singled out (Feb 12, 2021)

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"Dot" let it bother us.

We went shopping for a few things first thing. Part way through, we headed for the French Creek Pub for lunch. This is becoming one of our favourite places to eat out. After that, we went to Save-On, a place we don't normally go because it is up the highway from us (oh boy, I'm starting to sound like an Islander, it's six or seven clicks away). In addition to groceries, we stocked up mom Worel's red wine supply. Save-On has an in-store wine area that carries only BC wine; pretty much every winery out there. As we left Save-On, Lee noticed a piece of paper under the wiper blade. It said "GO HOME ALBERTAN !!! WE DOT(sic) WANT YOU IN BC !!!". As we concluded, Grade 4 must have been the best three years of his or her life. When we got home, our neighbour Ron mentioned that the Albertan across from us had also received the same note (with same spelling error). They had put it on his vehicle right in the Surfside Resort.

Lez laughs: Yes the best 4 years of Grade 4!! They must have had a "dot dot dot"-ing good time. All aside though, I certainly hope that Albertans are not treating foreign licence plated vehicles from ANY other location with such assumptions. In spite of restrictions, people do have to travel - they may have moved, they may have elder parents they are looking after, they may have not been able to send their RV home to Germany, and had nowhere to park their camper for a maritime winter. You would never know! The car they are driving has BC plates. Visitors may have been in the foreign province for the past 4 months and are currently living in their home in BC, as is our case. We would be unremarkably noticed coming back in to Alberta - but we may have been around many Covid infected BC-ers as we did our groceries, got gas, walked thru a sneeze in the park. Assumptions cannot be made. We are masked in social, public situations. For our own health.