A wintery day (Feb 11, 2021)

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It looks cold out there, dad.

OK, so with only a quick drive up the hill for some cream, we stayed ensconced inside all day long. It was around the freezing mark for most of the day, with very little sunshine. A good day to catch up on little things (and big things too).

Lez yawns: Oh so lazy!! Yes, it was a lazy day in terms of physical activity - but if brain waves could be measured! What a different story it would be. The after notes from the Sew Day, updating a 2015 quilt block pattern and a Zoom session with the QOVC Board and Exec. What a great positive group of people we have in charge of our society at this time. On the home front, we looked up a recipe to go with gnocci, added the shrimp and spices and will be adding the dish to our recipe book!