Real snow on our truck and RV (Feb 10, 2021)

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Scratch the Dishes delivery.

It was already snowing very lightly when we got up and got a little stronger as the day wore on. Because the temperature was at the freezing point, not much was sticking around. We kept busy as Lee made some enhancements to the Zwaal website generation software and Lez did some sewing. Later on, Lee scratch-built a pizza, which we took over to mom's ("Scratch the Dishes" delivery) for dinner and a movie.

Lez chills: What a great way to spend a snow day - a real sew and snow day! I made a quilt block (a Hug Block) for QOVC, and spent some time checking emails, just enjoyed a non-deadline day. Since it was Wednesday, I thought mom might like a little break from the monotony of another day just like the last one, so when we decided on pizza for dinner, I called her to see if she would like some. A cheery "yes" came back and Lee made one of his famous totally from scratch (including the pizza sauce, and the crust). Super delicious and the company was great too! (So I'd label it a Scratch the Dishes Day!)