Suffering winter in Parksville (Feb 9, 2021)

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A Parksville snowstorm.

OK, so there were a few lazy flakes fluttering down for a few minutes this morning. Then the sun came out and the weather was decently delightful. We went for a walk along the Sea Wall and upon returning to the Schooner noticed two deer on our side of the estuary behind our unit. We brought Hobbes out of the Schooner and he soon had a 25 foot staredown with one of the deer. A little later we were sitting in the lawn chairs enjoying the sunshine when another deer came towards us. Stare down with Hobbes again but then Hobbes decided to get a little closer. The deer hopped away. Hobbes went inside, we returned to the lawn chairs and before you know it, the deer was back. It walked slowly past us, all the while having Canada Geese and a lone Snow Goose honking in the estuary. What a nice environment today!

Lez smiles: Yes, what a great day to be in the estuary section of Surfside. The sun was very warm on the face, and it felt good getting out for a dry walk without wind. We wandered to the Surfside spit - tide was really splashing the waves onto the big rocks holding up the wall. I love the sound! The skies were a beautiful shade of blue, and faded into the mountain blues as usual. The experience with the little Black Tailed Deer walking cautiously past us (we didn't dare move) was special. Quite a relaxing day. On the computer, I had the last of a lot of happy reactions to the way last Friday played out, and life has settled in. Chatting with a few people regarding QOVC, and their increased participation. We are moving on. Meanwhile, my brother is planning his return to Canada from Mexico. Lots of Covid protocol to fly home. The country has shut down all flights carrying people TO Mexico and all of the Carribean. First time in 40 years he is actually looking forward to leaving M! Needless to say Mom is quite happy to hear he will be home this week.