Peaceful times around the estuary (Feb 8, 2021)

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Calm before the snow.

Lee ran a few errands after breakfast and still wonders at the convenience of living in a small town. All that running around and it occurred within a few blocks of each other and Surfside. He has heard stories about how busy it is in Parksville, yet there was a parking spot for our large pickup truck right out front wherever he went. Later in the afternoon we stood on the estuary bank talking to neighbours. If there was no Covid and it was a little warmer, Lee suspects there would have been half a dozen lawn chairs and a bunch of adult beverages out there for several hours. There's something peaceful about standing on moss, a full sun shining, no wind, and the buffleheads diving for food less than ten feet from where you are standing.

Lez is just chilled out: What a calm, slow, catch up day. I have no idea what we are going to do or make for dinner! Maybe the stuff we planned for yesterday. GRIN. We stood outside and chatted with Teresa and hubby, a couple of RV's north of us. She was born in Victoria and raised in Tofino - before a road took anyone there! They are long time trailer campers who have moved from a house & 5th wheel to a park model in Surfside. We shared "waiting" stories for various items before docking here, and so much more. It was a nice change. Today Lee posted yesterday's blog - so we are technically all caught up. A short walk on the sea wall, and just around the RV will be the day's events. Truly a calm before a cold and snowy week predicted ahead.