Kites are back. (Feb 7, 2021)

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Don't look up.

After lunch we headed over to the Parksville Boardwalk (about 100 meters away) and enjoyed the kites, the happily running dogs and the blue sky even though there were clouds all around in the mountains. As we walked back, there were dozens of geese (both Canada and Snow) and gulls flying back and forth between the estuary and the bay. Sure enough, as we approached our site, one of them dropped a "present" that missed Chuck by about a meter. Which reminded us again to get the truck washed - Chuck has many "spots" on him now.

Lez sighs: What a lazy day! A little more post Sew Day housekeeping, and some "live" housekeeping as the unit dearly needed a vaccuuming. Given the size of the Schooner, vaccuuming is hardly a chore. We enjoyed a cold wind coming off the bay, as we wandered a very busy boardwalk. A super family dinner followed at mom's, with the Edmonton crew joining in with a fairly quiet week. Aaron and Chris said "farewell" to Clarke, their grey kitty for many years. Jack is a little confused, but is liking having the "hoomans" and the bed and the furniture all to himself. After dinner the end of the SuperBowl was on the tube, and then we watched "Random Hearts" (Harrison Ford) and then Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol, (Tom Cruise). We left mom's about midnight! LOL - kept her up way past her bed-time, but she love the MI movie - it was a first for her!! We will be watching more for sure!