Enjoy the moment. (Feb 6, 2021)

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We are all getting older.

A day of reflection for us. We read on a Dutch news site that George Kooijmans, lead guitarist for Golden Earring has announced he has ALS and the band is calling it quits. I think we would have loved to see that band one more time. This follows our loss of Eddie van Halen earlier this year and our loss of our close friend Aubrey Hicks. They are reminders, along with occasional aching bones, that we are all getting old. Lez and I are fortunate to not have serious medical issues, we still have our naturally coloured hair and we are not yet grandparents. We are just a pair of 60's rock and roll groupies waiting for the festivals and concerts to resume. But, we must be realistic too. Live for the moment, enjoy life, enjoy nature and most importantly, love the people close to you.

Lez reflects and agrees: Yes, keep the good memories close to your heart and keep in touch with friends and family who are still with us, dealing with our world as it is today. Age may just be a number but we do feel the effects of they years and miles. After yesterday's incredible sharing day with quilting friends and QOVC members, that day of good memories will stay with me as long as my memory does. To that end, it is time to back off even more from the active involvement in QOVC. It is now in very good hands and a whole new awareness of the organization. I have my own quilt projects to work on, new patterns on the drawing board. The photography alone has enphasized the art quilts I wish to make - and who knows - even sell!! More adventures abound.