Here's a toast to us. (Feb 2, 2021)

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Everybody's from Saskatchewan

Lee dropped Lez off with the laundry (you know, hey woman, take care of this! LOL) and went into town to get a haircut. Nice place, nice people, who are from Regina and came out here to escape the cold. Is there anyone left in Saskatchewan?

Lez snorts! And then laughs - see tomorrow's blog! Laundry was the usual ho hum. I take the lap top along and use the free wifi we are supposed to be able have at our site. We are not supposed to leave our laundry unattended - and the washers and dryers don't have glass windows to watch the clothing spin, so what else is a girl supposed to do? Of course - design a quilt block, play solitaire, plan a sew day - you know - amuse myself! For a couple of hours.