Shelly Park views. (Feb 1, 2021)

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Shelley point view of the Schooner

Lee decided to drive out for some pictures in Shelley Park, which is the tall spruce trees you see in the background of Lez's out my back window pictures. It was quite muddy in places, but interesting to see Surfside from the other side of the estuary, as well as the Englishman River emptying into the sea. He ran into a Surfside tenant who was also hiking the trail. She was wearing rubber boots and mentioned that she had crossed over from Surfside through the estuary, being that it was currently low tide. We will have to try that at some point also.

Lez grins: So, this blue jacketed wanderer is waving madly to catch my attention - or was he just trying to keep warm? Ahh cell phone call confirmed Lee was across the estuary - fuzzy photo says he was there. I was on the phone with Alec in our attempt to get me attached to the server again. Well I was attached but couldn't see it - a ghost connection. If I had a file recently edited and could look it up - say starting Excel and seeing a list of files, the one on the server could be opened. But, i could not find the server directly. All fixed up. I spent most of the day working with others to get details noted and registrations for quilters on Friday all listed. Enough tech talk. It will be a volunteer focused week.