On the beach. (Jan 31, 2021)

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No more signals crossed.

After Lez went to her mother's place, Lee decided to wander into the estuary to take some photos, including our site from a different angle. It was amazing to see how extensive the estuary is; definitely not traversable at high tide. After that, he spent some time on the Parksville Boardwalk. With nice weather and a Sunday, the place was buzzing and there we re a lot of people (and dogs) on the shallow sand banks. Later on, we picked up Chinese food and had a nice family dinner at mom's. We also finished the last technical hoops and all five of us are now on Signal, rather than WhatsApp. And seeing all of us together, virtually, was nice. All is well with everyone.

Lez is baffled: I just went to look for the shared drive - and cannot see it on my list of directories. However, starting Excel and choosing the blog file - here I am! Not sure what is going on. Today was spent mostly at mom's. A heavy use of WIFI is easier on her connections. After two hours with some organizers across the country, we were able to connect Zoom and Facebook, with just a few glitches. I spent the afternoon on the quilt design software, then picked up Lee and Tan's Kitchen oriental take out. We enjoyed dinner and a movie at mom's. A nice evening again linked in with the kids. So far, all is well. Hard to believe that February is upon us.