Rainbows in the resort. (Jan 30, 2021)

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Pot of gold was nearby.

A lazy Saturday getting some loose ends finished off. In the afternoon, the sun shone a few times so Lee went out to get some photos. Lo and behold there was a full 180 degree rainbow above Surfside. And one end appeared to stop in front of the trees just across from our estuary. We had never seen one that close before. We finished the day with veal and spaetzle.

Lez agrees! I have never seen the actual end of a rainbow - and I can say for certain it is in the Surfside estuary. Our very first pot of gold! And our first rainbow at Surfside - and the first rainbow that I recall ever seeing in January of any year!! With the break in the grey and rainy weather, Lee put the finishing velcro tethers on the slide covers, so they should be able to withstand the wild winds that come through here from time to time. To end our day, as I gave Hobbes a cuddle, we came up with a nick name for him - so the Schooner is home to Willy Nilly, Dilly Dally and Fuzzy Wuzzy!! Do I appear to have too much time on my hands?