Birch and beach. (Jan 29, 2021)

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Better late than never.

Well, life is good. We finally got rolling after 11:00 am and did manage to start breakfast (brunch?) before 12 noon. We then walked the Boardwalk for an hour and a half, snapping some nice photos. As we returned to the Schooner, the sun was disappearing behind some probable rain clouds.

Lez smiles: Yes, a very relaxing wander along Parksville Beach, always something new to observe. We've seen it but not paid attention to it! The very white birch trees and each dedicated to a loved one. The huge power line that crossed our view of the mountains in island was removed yesterday. It has not been in use for some time. Now (when the sun shines!) we will be able to see the mountains without the stripe in the middle. No rain yet, but we have a cloudy sky, with the sun almost able to peek thru. All in all, a very lazy day!