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Into the "big" city.

Alright, up and at 'em. Ricky's for breakfast and into Nanaimo for supplies. Ran around several stores, got everything on the list and headed home. Lez spent some time helping her mom while Lee tried to figure out where to store everything we bought. We had a nice cheese fondue and walked up to the seawall to see the very low tide in the dark.

Lez chuckles: the "big city". It's all relative isn't it! So, as we decided we would dilly dally and attack the grocery list willy nilly I just had to write a poem! "Dilly Dally & Willy Nilly sailed off on a journey true. To see our land From East to West and points South and True North too!" Well, the grocery list was completed filled and the larder is full for quite some time again. Good thing we have a "basement" and "outdoor kitchen". On the way back to Pville I checked in with mom and learned she was on her kitchen floor, hands and knees - cleaning her bottom cupboards!!!!!! She commented about going out to get some shelf lining - and after much discussion, I took some over and we finished her chore! I imagine she will sleep well tonight!!