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The Schooner is strangely comfortable.

We've been at Surfside for just about 100 days now and it seems strange but true that it does not always feel like we are living in an RV anymore. Especially when the blinds are down, there are few bits of evidence to suggest we are not in a small house. The radio is always on, playing classic rock and roll. There is no hooking up, tethering down the possessions, pulling down the highway, untethering, etc. We sit fixed, all of neighbours are fixed and it's just a small community of small homes.

Lez reflects: We have a home. It just happens to have 4 wheels, and room space that increases when the slide sections are extended. Currently, we are parked for the season, fully extended in the Surfside RV Resort. We are warm, comfortable, sleeping soundly and eating like kings! We enjoy changing scenery daily, a walk along the sea, forest trails close by, adventures and treasures all around. We are a walk away from the local grocers, and any other commodity we may need. If we want choice - we can head out to Nanaimo and find one of most everything we can find in a bigger city. Yes, living space is limited - so we don't store a lot! But still enough to forget where we put things! Although we have not had an opportunity to meet and spend extensive visit time with neighbours, we find the resort is filled with people who are just like ourselves! Retired, have been or are travellers and enjoy a place we can enjoy a quiet winter with minimal freezing. We keep as busy as we would in the old house at 30 below and it is so much easier to keep clean!