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No goats on the roof.

We headed out today to some of our favourite shopping places to get some goodies. French Creek for crab and salmon, The Dutch Store for coffee goodies and the Coombs General Store for some veal. Unfortunately, the Coombs store, also known as Goats on the Roof (because that's what's on the roof in the summer) is closed for the season. All in all, a nice outing though.

Lez burps: Those coffee goodies are goood! Almond Rounds. Little pastry cakes with the almond paste in the middle - with coffee. An evening treat after spending the latter part of the day finishing the repairs to my spring coat. I made it decades (yes) ago, and have replaced the zipper now 3 times. The warm Kasha lining was ripping, so that has been fixed too. I only started repairing it in May when we were docked on the acreage. LOL! Seafood in the freezer for "special occasions". Dinner is a special occasion. We went for a wee walk - LOL the sea wall as usual, and more photos - no two huge wave splashes are ever the same! Settled in, enjoyed the French Canadian Split Pea soup - from scratch! and Lee's home made buns. Wine of course. We are comfy in the Schooner.