A Hobbes adventure. (Jan 24, 2021)

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No more long nails and no blood either.

So, we took Hobbes in to get his nails clipped. The pet store had said the weekend clerk does them, and sure enough, she did a great job. All the while as she was clipping she was talking to Hobbes, and we think that helped. Once home, it was boring laundry and some RV cleanup. Cozy while it rains incessantly.

Lez smiles, sips her coffee: Well, another lazy start to a day that did not see snow, but did reach the +.5c mark over night. I'll record it as 1 (big wink). Yes, poor Mr. H. Off to the nail clippers' this morning. It was quite interesting listening to Lee trying to get Hobbes into his travel cage. I laugh because I did it so often - Blue, Smoky, Magic, and Hobbes - as Lee was most often at work and the boys at school. And then, of course, at the pet shop today, guess who wouldn't come out of the cage!!! Right. All's well, toes are less lethal and life goes on. Laundry. Lee put a frozen ham into the oven for us, and the smells for dinner are wafting thru. Looking forward to a nice white (wine of course!) and lazy dinner. Rain, dark, cold outside. May just have to sew tonight!