Hey, what's that hard surface on the estuary (Jan 23, 2021)

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Another icetuary day.

Well lookie here, there's ice on the estuary. Gone by noon, but interesting all the same. No ducks around until it melted. Lez finished the large slide cover and Lee installed it. Fits like a charm. Then it was off to mom's place for family dinner, which included Alec's 31st birthday. Great stories as usual.

Lez sips her evening glass of port: A very busy day indeed. The morning brought a -1c temp and a frozen surface on the estuary until the tide started moving in. Well - pictures just had to be taken (grin). Later the QOVC sponsored Janome sewing machine continued holding its own as there are a couple of sections of folds where 6 layers of vinyl are sewn through. Go slow - and no issues. Love the little threader tool - no more trying to find that wee needle hole for the thread. The third (and last) cover is on the Dining/Living Room slide out - all 158" across the top. And then, the vacuum came out - not nearly as long to clean this RV than the old house! We took a pepperoni and cheese thin crust pizza to mom's for dinner - no one had to cook!! Lots of laughter again, as we video connected with the kids. The shmaltzie movie ended our evening with mom. Another busy day - which should keep the forcasted snow off the slide outs and prevent it from potentially melting into the RV.