Lowest tide we've seen (Jan 22, 2021)

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No clean answer to the waste tank valve work.

Happy birthday to our younger son, Alec, who turned 31 today. Lee started the day by making a cardboard spacer for holding level the new slide cover Lez was making. Then it was time to replace the black tank valve, which had given up the ghost (as in, no longer opening and closing properly). Fresh with a new one via Amazon in hand, the old one came out (after much bending and stretching). The new one went in not too bad but as always, the bolts needed persuasion to line up. All the while, the tank was essentially open and delivering the occasional product to the ground where Lee was working, It finally went in and all Lee's clothes went into the laundry. Then a nice shower and a snooze. The old body is having a harder time to do this kind of work. The lasagna, the Merlot and good conversation cured everything.

Lez sends a greeting: Happy Birthday Alec!! Super Cyber Hugs!! We had a great sunny day today - comes with a -1C overnight! I spent the day making the larger dining/living room slide out vinyl cover. Start to finish, will test it in daylight tomorrow! Velcro pieces needed to anchor it to the RV - will be first priority in the morning. Rain/snow forcast by tomorrow evening. After sewing the day away, I grabbed the camera and wandered to the sea wall and discovered a low low tide. Lowest we had seen yet on this stay in Surfside. Snapped a few pics. WOW pics, I might add. Met another neighbour down the way - Carol. She bought her RV plot and a new park model. She was adding twigs to her "fake" trees (can't plant real trees here), and she has them lit up with only white lights. Very sparkly. She used to own a small trinket shop in White Rock, now living in her RV here. Her other RV is stuck in Arizona, she's renting it out, but wants to sell it. No desire to head "south" any more. Lasagna on the menu tonight - open the wine!