Hummingbirds love that new feeder (Jan 21, 2021)

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Hey dad, it's getting warmer out here.

So we think this is one of those days that makes us grateful for being in Surfside. There is no wind, the sun is mostly shining and it's about +7c. No snow, no squalls, no blizzards, no deep freeze. Lez is convinced that winter is over around here; Lee is not so sure yet. Hobbes is pretty sure also; he enjoyed a lot of outside time this afternoon.

Lez realizes there are two 8 o'clocks in a day! Awake at what has become a time that I rarely see! We are retired! Give us a break! Did a bit of vacuuming and then smartened up and went back to the repair work on my coat. Finished the lining and re-adhering some of the applique floral stems and getting the zipper attached. Whew! Still able to align and match the colour sections! Ended the afternoon with a Zoom session to share the Sew Day plans with the board and representatives. We ended our day by starting our evening with a cheese fondue. A pretty laid back day.