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Matching is more difficult than you think.

If you're a current or old software engineer, you will appreciate Lee's dilemma. Some of the application code used to generate the Zwaal Family Story website pages is not as, shall we say, completely fleshed out. Today was the day to get the missing pieces in place. Lez watched Lee coding like mad as she "renovated" an old jacket of hers. Later on, we went to mom's for dinner. As we walked into the apartment, Lez noticed that one of the bushes is budding. Lez had a Zoom meeting and Lee took advantage (after the Oilers win) of watching a favourite movie.

Lez smiles: In her sewing zone - working on repairs to a very old spring jacket - applique in great shape, but the zipper needed replacing - again. A few parts of the lining are coming apart too, so those were "fixed" over the summer - hand stitching a new patch in place. Once the old zipper came out it became obvious I could have machine sewn in those pieces - oh well, kept the hands busy. We went to mom's for dinner - bratworst and saurkraut. Delicious! LOL. Then Lee went off to watch a hockey game and a movie in the spare bedroom, mom caught up on "the Crown" on Netflix in her living room and I hooked up with the Edmonton Quilt Guild's monthly meeting - via Zoom on my laptop sitting at mom's dining table. We had a truly responsibly social visit.