Where did our kids get that sense of humour (Jan 19, 2021)

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It's Christmas in January.

Lee went up to pick up a couple of packages at the Post Office. One of them was a package from the kids. Chris had wrapped it like a Christmas present. The staff at the Post Office sure got a kick out of that. Next, we installed the bedroom slide cover. Before it was even fastened down a couple of neighbours were already asking about it. It looks and fits great. Now to see what it does during a serious rain storm.

Lez giggles: "We" installed the slide cover - The Man was atop the extended ladder while I anxiously watched him thru the kitchen side window as he balanced his way across the top of the slideout, sliding the cover thru a teeny tiny channel! Fortunately the cold wind stayed away until he was done. The cover does look good. Now, one more.... the BIG one for the kitchen slide out. Meanwhile, I have done some lens cleaning on the cameras - what a difference!! This will minimize the time spent editing out "blemishes".