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Cat claw clipper slides into place.

Lez finished sewing up the bedroom slide cover while Lee went out looking for someone to trim Hobbes's nails and to find a slide cover rail. Lee has determined after a few months at Surfside RV that when you leave Parksville, cross under the Island Highway and enter Errington, that all life changes. People are super friendly, quite laid back and always seem to have anything you need. So, found a potential cat claw clipper and a piece of slide cover rail within fifteen minutes. Once back, we test fitted the cover in the new rail (fits perfectly) and Lee then installed the rail on the Schooner before the sun went down.

Lez's shoulders hurt: after wielding that heavy vinyl under the sewing machine: A sewing machine that continues to impress upon me how well it handles the heavy stuff and then light quilting cotton!! The bedroom slide out cover is complete - and thanks to Lee's patience and searching - will be installed in the morning once the extra gluing on the rail had dried well. Next item - the wider dining room slide out cover. Definitely more sewing, but all the same procedures are the same - so we should be able to have another complete deal shortly! THEN - i need to quilt - yes NEEEEEED!!! I am having withdrawal. And there are photos to download and check over - LOLOL - just as busy now as ever!!! Life is good.