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Quality assurance guy gives us feedback.

So, this was a short day. That's what happens when you sleep in until 11 am, have brunch, go to mom's for family dinner and a movie. And then, head home and tend to some email and surfing the net. It was a great day. Alec not only looks at our website, but also gives us QA feedback on what he sees. It has been very helpful.

Lez agrees (shhh): it was a short day, and totally unremarkable. Which is good! Quiet, pattern designing - another maple leaf - sure love the design program called Electric Quilt. Beats using grid paper and coloured pencils that don't erase when you change your mind or realize you've goofed up! I spent the evening working on the documents to send out to a committee working on a nation-wide sew day sponsored by QOVC. Admin stuff LOLOL. A great group of volunteers looking after the sew day!