It is so quiet around here (Jan 16, 2021)

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Whoops, no sleeve for the slide cover.

After breakfast, we took advantage of a nice calm, but cloudy, morning. We swear you could hear a pin drop, that's how quiet it was in the resort. The spit was also eerily quiet, with the tide slowly going out. We did a dry fitting for the bedroom slide cover. It will fit nice, but Lee discovered we do not have a sleeve above the bedroom slide into which the cord will sit. Regardless, Lez knew she could finish the rest of the cover. Hobbes went out twice, but none of his "friends" were around.

Lez and Hobbes check out the view of the bedroom window. Grey. Hobbes crawled back to sleep. Lee and I wandered the sea wall and ventured out onto the spit. Tide on its way out, and we could actually walk around (instead of over) the huge tree trunks across the paths. Wandered back as the grey skies turned to a few hours of a light rain. Bedroom slide out cover is done except for a check for the piping section and velcro to the side of the RV section. Tomorrow's business - the sun is supposed to shine. We finished our day off with a wonderful King Crab Leg & Cheddar Bay Biscuit dinner. May have to do one of our midnight Boardwalk strolls.