The Canada Geese love Hobbes, we think (Jan 15, 2021)

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Hobbes was holding court.

A beautiful day in Surfside RV today. Clear skies and +10c with no wind. Hobbes was out for a long time. As he approached the estuary, about 80 to 100 Canada Geese swam over and gathered in the water in front of Hobbes. All the neighbours were amazed. Lez was busy sewing up the bedroom slide cover.

Lez takes a deep breath: Oh that fresh coastal air! And the warmth of that sun invited us to put out the lawn chairs and start the day with our second coffee outside. But - the cloud on the mainland horizon turned into a fog that eerily crept over the estuary. Before too long we could not see across the Parksille Bay, and most everything across the estuary! It eventually lifted and we enjoyed the marvel of all the geese - that came to check out the yellow beast.