Sunshine and +10c in January is not so bad (Jan 14, 2021)

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Nothing happened today.

Well, what do you say to a day made up of doing laundry, buying a few groceries and enjoying the +10c sunshine? Ok, we did install the completed slide cover over the outside kitchen. It looks great.

Lez laughs! Nothing ever happens around here - it is truly quiet. Yes, there are a lot of new things for us to see, and some things like laundry and general cleaning are part of every day life. Today it was great to see the slide out cover actually go up and fit! Now, to make two more. I decided to create a small instructions doc of how It goes together, as I went thru the photos. Good thing to keep notes! I've re-arranged the sewing area once again - to accommodate 12 feet of 54 inch vinyl outdoor cloth to be cut into two more sections for the bedroom and dining room sideouts. Could be interesting - and certainly is putting the new Janome through its paces! Lee got to do the mundane LOL - groceries and post office pick up. Hobbes had the most fun - sleeping the day away after heading out to the estuary waters with Lee only to be greeted by many geese. A guy just can't drink alone! Schnitzel and Spaetzle for dinner tonight!!