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Drying out and tracking tests.

We had incredibly high winds in the middle of the night. The shaking of the Schooner kept waking us up. In the morning, we decide to divide and conquer. Lez attacked the bedroom, looking for more wet spots and also checking our closet for moisture. She then cleaned up what she had found. Meanwhile, Lee went on the hunt for our elusive lab test results. Because we couldn't travel to Edmonton in January as planned, we had the tests done locally. However, the results had not been received by anyone, anywhere. Not only that, but Lez and Lee got different answers when we each asked after taking the tests as to where the results would be sent. This is 2021, so you would think they would go electronically to our doctors. Nope. Lee finally tracked them down. They had just been put in the mail (yes, paper results) and posted to our doctors. Inter-provincial medicare still needs a bit more automation, says these two retired IT folks.

Lez yawns: Time for bed! After midnight as usual. So, the next slide cover will have to be tomorrow. We need to take advantage of the clear blue skies and little wind. Having one done, the rest should be easy LOL. Today was spent cleaning and wiping up moisture and finding and clearing up a couple of white mould spots. We were able to air out the Schooner too - as mid-day temeratures were quite comfy - 10c's. We ended our day at mom's cathcing the first NHL game on TV since Covid hit. Oilers lost to Vancouver -- but that didn't matter - it was a hockey game!!!