OK, we got a leak (Jan 12, 2021)

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Boy, it rains here.

Mostly inside time today because of the rain and wind. Lez worked on some adjustments to the slide cover for the outside kitchen slide. Later in the afternoon Lee discovered some wet spots on his side of the bed next to one of the bedroom slide windows. It had been raining and blowing hard against that side of the Schooner. We replaced the wet sheets and such as best we could and prepared for some work tomorrow.

Lez says: One down 2 more to go!!! The slide cover looks good - now to see how it fits! Tomorrow's business. The computer time was spent on some photo edits and some Quilts of Valour pattern updates. I use a computer program Electric Quilt to design quilt blocks (squares) and quilt patterns. Something i just love doing and lose track of time so easily.